Phototour to Madeira

We are going to visit breathtaking locations of Madeira and making stunning ART photoshoots there. 

Awailable two dates for your choice

04/04/23 - 11/04/23 no spots
/04/23 - 18/04/23 1 SPOT

In April the temperature will be around 17-18 degrees air/ around 19-20 degrees water. 


Madeira is located among the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and is famous for its picturesque nature.

This island is called the "floating garden of paradise". Numerous parks, mountains and valleys, reserves with rare animals and plants, salubrious climate, delicious wine, tropical fruits and the hospitality of the locals - all this awaits us in Madeira.

It is called the island of eternal spring.
Madeira has an almost ideal climate - in winter there is no cold, snow and constant rain, and in summer it is sweltering heat. 



WHICH PLACES WILL WE VISIT (below are some of them)

Levadas of Madeira

Madeira has more than 3,000 km of irrigation canals (levadas), along which hiking trails are laid, leading through the most picturesque hidden landscapes of the island!

Incredible landscapes that open up while walking along the levadas will not leave anyone indifferent.

And imagine that we will still have ART photoshoots there in chic outfits?

Prepare good trekking shoes.












Lava pools of Porto Moniz

Lava solidified right in the ocean and formed a real miracle of nature - lava pools.

Natural pools are connected to the ocean, but separated by natural or slightly man-made dams. While the water is raging in the ocean, here the water is almost always calm and warms up well under the rays of the sun. Every day in the morning after high tide, the water is renewed, so it is always fresh. Take swimwear. And be prepared for fabulous photos and videos at this place.

Pico - Areiro and Pico Ruivu
The routes to Pico Ruiva and Pico Areiro are the most exciting and spectacular. In cloudy weather, most of the landscapes are covered with white wool clouds, which makes it even more breathtaking. In some places, the clouds generally slowly "shimmer" over the mountain ranges, like a waterfall - you won't believe this until you see it with your own eyes!
Laurel forests
Laurisilva on the island of Madeira is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as a unique natural landscape. Laurel forests cover an area of ​​about 15,000 hectares of the island and grow at altitudes from 300 m -1500 m above sea level in a constantly humid climate. All these trees are relics and, like some species of the local fauna, have almost disappeared from the surface of the Earth.
The Fanal Forest is one such forest. In this region of the island, rains and humid weather are frequent, so the plateau actually acts as a reservoir for the entire island. If we are lucky, we will find him wrapped in a milky mist to take mystical photographs.











Cape San Lorenzo

Evergreen and blooming Madeira ends where Cape San Lorenzo begins. No trees, no grassy valleys, just bare rocks meandering for miles ahead. It seems that a huge dragon collapsed and petrified off the coast of Madeira.
A narrow piece of land stretches far into the ocean - this is the easternmost point of Madeira - Cape San Lorenzo.
The cape is located on a peninsula of volcanic origin and for a long time was closed to tourists in order to preserve the virgin nature of this place.
The landscapes here are simply cosmic. The nature of the cape is fundamentally different from the rest of the evergreen island. Dunes and volcanic formations completely covered the peninsula. Here you can meet amazing birds and animals that live only here and nowhere else in the world.


Housing and logistics
we will live in a luxurious new villa in the south of the island. 4 separate bedrooms (2-bed each room), kitchen, several bathrooms and sunrise ocean view. 
We will travel by 2 rented cars.
Participation fee includes

Accommodation in a villa with shared kitchen in a double bedroom  - 7 nights 
Transfer from the airport and back
Daily trips to the most beatyful locations 
Amazing ART photoshoots (as well as videos) in stunning dresses
For photographers - workshops with ART shootings for amazing portfolio 

1490 euro 

Place is booked upon prepayment of non-refundable deposit retainer - 30% of the total amount.


Additional costs not included in the price:

Air flight to Madeira and back
Souvenirs, other expenses on request

For booking the place in phototour please contact me 

A phototour is a photography service that takes place in locations other than where the photographer lives. The public offer (agreement) can be found here.