Videotutorial "Fine art indoor portrait"

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This is the unique comprehensive tutorial of my post processing technique that I use mainly for indoor portraits.

In the video lesson I reveal all my secrets and tips that I have been accumulated for several years.

No secrets are kept behind the scene.

Only useful and applicable in practice approaches apply.

After watching the lesson you will be able to:

- make quick and beautiful retouch of fine art portraits

- use artistic methods of adding the depth and 3D look to the photographs

- enhance the dynamic range and properly balance highlights and shadows

- do artistic color grading (using several approaches) and use color wheel in practice creating harmonious color schemes

- add lights and shadows accents making the photo paint-looking

- improve color range and contrast properly, make colors superb but not over-saturated

- add soft glow, light flares and other art looking effects

- apply textures (separately and using the plug-in)

- do many other super useful things that will lift your photos up to the new level

The tutorial will be the most valuable for

-       Portrait photographers

-       Fine art photographers

-       Family and children photographers

-       Wedding photographers

Both beginners and already professional photographers who want to learn/improve fine art post-processing retouching will definitely benefit from this lesson.

Language of tutorial – English

Software used  - Camera Raw (similar settlements are in Lightroom), Adobe Photoshop, plug-ins 

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Duration of the lesson - 1 hour 17 min

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I recommend to buy Pack of 2 video tutorials which includes this one and faery outdoor portrait tutorial plus bonus - .psd files available to download for deep studying and analysis. The techniques used in both tutorials are completely different and are not repeated.

Similar post-processing approach I use in many other of my portraits. 

Before / after Photoshop examples you can see here.


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